• 広告と広報の違い~目的が違う~





  • 目的: 商品やサービスの販売促進、ブランドイメージの向上など、直接的な利益の獲得を目的とします。

  • 手法: テレビCM、新聞広告、雑誌広告、Web広告、SNS広告など、費用を払ってメディアに情報を掲載します。

  • 特徴:

    • 情報のコントロールが可能で、伝えたいメッセージを自由に表現できます。

    • 広告であることが明示されており、消費者もそれを認識しています。

    • 即効性があり、短期間で効果が期待できます。

    • 費用がかかります。



  • 目的: 企業や組織の理解促進、信頼感の向上、良好な関係の構築など、間接的な利益の獲得を目的とします。

  • 手法: プレスリリース、メディアリレーション、イベント開催、SNS運用など、メディアやステークホルダーに対して情報を発信します。

  • 特徴:

    • メディアに取り上げられることで、第三者からの客観的な評価を得られます。

    • 広告よりも信頼性が高く、消費者に受け入れられやすいです。

    • 効果が出るまでに時間がかかる場合がありますが、長期的な視点で見た場合に大きな効果が期待できます。

    • 広告に比べて費用を抑えることができます。


区分 広告 広報
目的 直接的な利益の獲得 間接的な利益の獲得
手法 有料メディアへの掲載 メディアやステークホルダーへの情報発信
特徴 コントロール可能、即効性あり、費用がかかる 信頼性が高い、長期的な効果、費用を抑えられる




Both advertising and public relations are ways for companies and organizations to disseminate information, but there are big differences in their objectives and methods.


* **Objective:** The aim is to obtain direct benefits, such as promoting the sales of products and services and improving brand image.
* **Method:** Information is posted in the media, such as TV commercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads, web ads, and SNS ads, for a fee.
* **Characteristics:**
* Information can be controlled, and the message you want to convey can be expressed freely.
* It is clearly stated that it is an advertisement, and consumers are aware of this.
* It is effective immediately, and you can expect results in a short period of time.
* It costs money.

**Public Relations**

* **Objective:** The aim is to obtain indirect benefits, such as promoting understanding of companies and organizations, improving trust, and building good relationships.
* **Method:** Information is disseminated to the media and stakeholders through press releases, media relations, holding events, and SNS management.
* **Characteristics:**
* Being featured in the media allows you to obtain objective evaluation from third parties.
* It is more reliable than advertising and is more easily accepted by consumers.
* It may take some time to see results, but it can be expected to have a great effect in the long term.
* It can be less expensive than advertising.


| Classification | Advertising | Public relations |
| Purpose | Direct benefits | Indirect benefits |
| Method | Paid media | Information transmission to media and stakeholders |
| Characteristics | Controllable, immediate effect, costly | High reliability, long-term effect, cost-saving |

Advertising and public relations each have different purposes and characteristics. Neither is superior, so it is important to understand the characteristics of each and use them according to the purpose.

For example, when launching a new product, it is effective to intensively transmit information through advertising and increase awareness. On the other hand, to improve a company's image, it is important to transmit information about social contribution activities and CSR activities through public relations and increase trust.

Combining advertising and public relations makes it possible to transmit information more effectively.


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